FAQ's about our house cleaning services in San Jose​

How is Clint Thomas Janitorial different from the other  janitorial companies?

Q: First, we are not a franchise. 
A: Running a business takes special skills, knowledge and expertise. House cleaning is hard work. Operating a house cleaning company is even more difficult.

Q: Second, what sets us apart?
 A: You will receive the work performed by Clint Thomas 

Q: OK Clint Thomas Janitorial is not a franchise and doesn't subcontract out its work, so how do we know the work is guaranteed?
A: Don’t confuse us with the other guy. Clint Thomas Janitorial has high work ethic. We should earn your business every day. In turn, when we do the best job possible for our customers, they are loyal to us. Any high-quality service provider should be willing to assume the risk each and every day that one of its customers may terminate their relationship. The customer rules: he or she should be able to change service providers whenever they so desire.

Q: Do you do baseboards and walls?
A: Yes, by special request

Q: Do you do windows?
A: Yes, by special request.

Q: Do you clean out the dishwasher.
A: No, 

Q: Do you perform move-out cleanings.
 A:  Yes, minimum 8 hours.

Carpets cleaning and windows cleaning are extra.

Q: Do you discard trash? 
A: Yes

Q: Do you clean desks?
A: We do not clean your desk unless special request made to do so. Your desk is your responsibility.

Q: Do I need to provide any supplies?
A:    No, I bring all my own supplies


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